The school which wasn’t there.

The one that the market had been demanding for such a long time. The one that breaks down the walls between fashion and design, between teacher and student, between past and future. The one that thinks and speaks in the language of the 14 countries in which it operates. The one in order to bring up the the best students has chosen the best maestros.

Master | Course leader Francesco Cavalli

Visual design

Face to face with ten of the world's leading offices: Pentagram, Landor, Left-Loft, FM, Lava...

Master | Course leader Gianpietro Vigorelli


Get unparalleled experience: work with the key people from ten top-level global agencies, one every month.

Master | Course leader Marc Sadler

Product design

10 design maestros, 14 Compasso d'Oro Awards and only 20 students: a Masters packed with this many stimuli only comes once in a lifetime.

Three-year course | Course leader Carmelo Di Bartolo

Product design

Maximum trust. Maximum openness. Maximum dynamism; three years that will change your life.

Master | Course leader Denis Curti


10 great international photography professionals walk by your side as you enter the arena with head held high.

Master | Course leader Luca Molinari


Ten international offices. Ten months to design. Ten useful ideas for the city of Milan, one every month

Master | Course leader Massimiliano Giornetti

Fashion menswear

The method, techniques and backstage of the fashion system, to fine-tune your vision...and help you fly high.

Three-year course | Course leader Stefán Orschel-Read

Fashion design

Decide to build firm foundations for your career on the fashion scene: decide to learn from the market leaders.

Master | Course leader Gabriele Colangelo

Fashion womenswear

Wield the tools of creativity and interpretation. Learn how to find the right point between tradition and innovation.

The school which is now here.

The one where they teach you to face up to challenges that nobody has even thought about yet. The one where you test yourself to your limits and learn to play your side of the game...with the sense for the limits. The one where they speak your language... and another 13 too! The one you will never one to leave.