Three-Year Courses Admissions

The Three-Year Courses calls for a maximum participation of 20 students.
The candidates go through a selection process by means of an individual interview with the Course leader.

For further inquiries, please contact us.

Three-Year Courses Fees

  • European Union and EFTA students:

8.000 euro I Income bracket
10.000 euro II Income bracket
12.000 euro III Income bracket
15.000 euro IV Income bracket

  • Non-European Union students:

15.000 euro

  • ISEE Income bracket Chart:

I Income bracket up to 40.000 euro
II Income bracket from 40.001 to euro 70.000
III Income bracket from 70.001 to euro 100.000
IV Income bracket over 100.000 euro

  • Application fee:

Candidates who want to apply for admission to our Three-year courses must pay an application fee of 100 euro .

Masters Admissions

The maximum number of students that can enrol in each of our Masters courses is 20.

Candidates are selected in two phases. The first selection is a screening based on the documentation received from the student. If the application meets the requirements, an individual interview is arranged with the Course Leader.

The candidate’s evaluation takes in consideration all the elements that contribute to an individual’s profile into consideration: portfolio, previous studies, work experience, extracurricular activities and letters of presentation.

Documentation for admission:

  • curriculum vitae,
  • artistic and/or professional portfolio,
  • motivation letter,
  • list of previous studies,
  • documentation about courses and workshops attended,
  • certificate of proficiency in English,
  • passport or identity card for Italian or other EU member state students,
  • receipt demonstrating payment of the 100 euro application fee.

Starting from March 15 2017, all candidates can send the documentation for admission to

For further information, please contact us.

Masters Fees

  • Students from European Union and EFTA:

15.000 euro (total, including taxes).
Enrollment fee: 3.000 euro to be paid during enrollment.
Tuition fee: 12.000 euro.

  • Students from outside European Union and EFTA:

19.000 euro (total, including taxes).
Enrollment form: 3.000 euro within one month of confirmation of admission.
Tuition fee: 16.000 euro no later than the beginning of the Masters course.

  • Application fee:

Candidates who want to apply for admission to our Masters courses must pay an application fee of 100 euro .